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Woof Pack!

Woof! Woof!

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We understand life gets busy! Between working, having to deal with the kids and whatever else life throws at you, it isn’t always easy to provide the exercise and attention your pup needs. We’ve been there before, and we’re here to put your anxiety at ease. 

A little about us… We (Gaby and Jason) met while we were both walking our dogs (Mason and Pup-Pup) and quickly became friends due to our passion and love for dogs. We both were working jobs that were unfulfilling, so we moved on and now we are doing what we consider a dream job right here in Arlington for half a decade. Nothing beats working with dogs, watching them have fun, learn and grow.


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Our Mission is to make every dog happy and tired, physically and mentally. Not only does having your dog’s needs full-filled make your dog happier, it also makes your life easier as well. Often times dogs with too much energy, will find something to do with that energy and will often act up, and be destructive.

Although we provide solo walks, we specialize in pack walks on and off-leash. As descendants of wolves, dogs are instinctually pack animals, and thrive in a pack environment. Pack walks gives your pup the opportunity to socialize with other canines, build confidence, and can help overcome certain behavioral issues. We believe with enough guidance, patience, training and exercise; any dog can become a good dog. 


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