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We require at least two scheduled walks per week for consistency and follow through training. We currently only service the Arlington area, and clients who live on the border. *All dogs must be up to date on vaccinations.

On-leash Pack Walks

30 min: $20

+1 dog: $7

1 hour: $30

+1 dog: $14

Not only do pack walks exercise your pup physically, but mentally as well; by learning the rules and boundaries of walking on leash so the whole pack can enjoy the walk. Learning leash etiquette includes no pulling, no barking aggressively at other dogs or people, no playing/jumping on other dogs during the walk, etc. We also try to meet up as much as possible to give your pup the maximum amount of socialization and doggie companionship your pup needs. 

Have a new puppy? Early socialization with different dogs, people and environments is crucial. It will significantly impact how your dog experiences and reacts to the world around them. It’s good to start socialization as early as possible, we accept puppies as soon as they’re all caught up on their puppy shots and have been given the ok by your veterinarian. While your pup will learn leash etiquette with us, it does not always guarantee they’ll behave the same with you. We can give you tips and suggestions on how to properly walk your dog, but if you are experiencing difficulty we recommend contacting a trainer to work with you and your dog one on one, or joining a training class that is tailored to your specific needs.

Off-Leash Pack Hikes

Hour hike: $30 +1 dog: $14

The ultimate doggie adventure where your dog can run around and burn off all of their energy with other dogs and experience the great outdoors. With every new member of the pack we work on training every dog to come back on command (no matter what distractions may occur) and to stay with the pack. For example:

-No running up to strangers, not every person is a dog lover and appreciates a dog or pack of dogs running up to them. 

-No running up to other dogs, unless we have permission from the owner, not every dog we may run into may be dog friendly. Last thing we want is for one of our pups to get hurt.

-No running off to far, we like to keep every dog within vision to keep the pack together and to avoid loosing any pups.

Rules and boundaries just like on our leash walks is key to keeping your dog mentally fit.

For some dogs we will use e-collars (with owner’s permission). We do not believe in using it as a torture device, and do not like to use shock or nick feature. Instead we prefer to use vibrate/page setting for those who need it (like our little hunter’s). Sometimes when dogs reach an excited state of mind our voices (and treats) are not enough to get their attention.

Have a dog that doesn’t know how to come back? We can work on that for you! We can also teach your dog to come back on the e-collar as well, so you too can enjoy taking them on off-leash hikes.

All Day WoofPack Adventures

$40 per day

+1 dog $15

Great for dog’s with endless energy! They get to experience all of our off-leash hikes as well as our on-leash walks. It’s the best of both world’s! And a great way to work on their recall during off-leash hikes and their leash etiquette on our leashed pack walks for a well-rounded pup. 

Dog Sitting

Sitting fee is $60 per day

+$10 for each additional dog

Heading out of town? We treat your dog as our own, wherever we go, your pup goes. Helping to keep your pup busy, happy and tired by joining us on all of our doggie adventures, including hikes and all leash walks (dog’s health permitting). 

Our home is your dog’s home away from home. Our place is dog friendly, with plenty of dog beds, plenty of toys, dog bowls and healthy treats. So all we really will need for your pup’s stay is their food. If your dog is not use to being away from home we recommend packing a blanket/bed/towel or whatever is familiar that makes them feel more at home. We do not recommend packing toys, since we have plenty of toys, and we can’t guarantee that they won’t get destroyed.

All dogs get free roam of our place, which includes our couch and bed (if there’s space). When we say we treat your dog as our own we mean it! We love to snuggle, play and give plenty attention to our doggie guests. We also believe in providing some structure, by providing rules and boundaries to keep all dogs happy.

Dogs are only crated if it’s requested by the owner, during the hours we’re asleep or if we have to step out of the house for a short period of time.

We understand that some dogs prefer the comforts of staying in their own home, which is why we also offer house sitting as well (for the same price and they get to join us on all of our walks (health permitting)).

We understand the anxiety that comes with being away from your fur baby, and can send out as many updates as you like via text/email. Or we can let you enjoy your vacation without any interruptions. Whatever your preference is just let us know and we’ll do our best to accommodate you!

Solo Walks

30min: $30

+1 dog $10

Pack walks might not be an option for every dog. We provide individual walks to give your pup the exercise they need and extra TLC. We also have a lot of experience and understand the challenges that comes with socializing a dog who has never been socialized before. So far we have had a hundred percent success rate at turning once aggressive and fearful dogs into happy dogs excited to met their friends on their pack walk. Timing and results for a fully socialized dog depends very much on the dog and how much time we get to work with your dog. Although many of our clients have noticed a difference in their dogs, we can’t guarantee that your dog will behave the exact the same with you as they do with us. We are always willing to give you tips and advice on how to handle your dog. But if you are still experiencing difficulty on learning how to control your dog we recommend finding a trainer who is willing to work with you and your dog one on one. 

Drop ins 

10-15min: $15

+1 dog $5

Have a new puppy that can’t be with the pack just yet? Does your dog just need a potty break due to age or health issues? Or need to take their medication? Whatever the case, we can walk your dog around the block or let them in the yard for some playtime and a chance to relieve themselves. (Whatever you prefer!) And feed them as well if needed.

Other Pet Visits

10-15min: $15

+5 for each additional pet

Have other pets that need taken care of? We can drop in to feed, provide fresh water, and clean litter boxes and/or cages. We can also bring in packages/mail, water plants, turn on/off lights at no additional cost for when you’re away from home.

Have a different pet related service in mind? Feel free to reach out, and we’ll see what we can do to accommodate your needs.

Cancellation Policy

Cancellations must be received before 9:00pm the previous night of scheduled service. You will be charge a $10 fee if cancellation is received after cancellation deadline. 15$ fee will be charged if dogs are absent during scheduled pickup.


Holidays and weekends

We consider the following to be our business holidays: New Year’s Day, Martin Luther King Day, President’s Day, Memorial Day, Independents Day, Labor Day, Columbus Day, Thanksgiving Day, Day After Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, and New Year's Eve. 

An additional $10 fee will be added to all services provided during holidays and weekends. (This does not include dog sitting services).