I have two decades of experience working with dogs, as well as other animals. I've worked at a pet center and animal hospital in Boston as a Vet Tech, and dog trainer for almost a decade. Have a new puppy, need some training tips or any questions regarding your dog's health, just ask!  Although I'm not a vet, I can still give you some tips on how to treat your dog. And of course let you know if your dog needs to see a professional vet. 









I've learnt a lot from Jason after owning a dog of my own, and taking care of other people's dogs; and I'm eager to meet your dog. Every dog has something special about them, and I'm sure I'll see what you see when I get to know them. I'm also a painter, and create dog portraits. With every portrait I try to capture each dog's character and personality. Check out the dog portrait section of our website, where you can see some of the dog portraits I've done in the past. I've had over a decade of experience in painting with oils, and a bachelors degree in Illustration from Rhode Island School of Design (RISD).